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unbearable adj : impossible to bear; "unbearable pain"; "unendurable agony" [syn: unendurable]

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so unpleasant or painful as to be unendurable

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Unbearable is the fourteenth episode in the fifth season of the popular American crime drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, set in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Catherine and her team investigate when a hunter and a Kodiak bear are found dead in the mountains. The hunter has been mauled by the bear which has been shot by 2 bullets and only one matches the hunters gun. The bullets were recovered by Doc Robbins carrying out necropsy on the bear. Being Kodiak bear, it's not native to Nevada and is tracked down to Clark County zoo. The park keeper explains how the bear was sold to a broker and hands over the documents. These turn out to be fakes. An encoded serial number is found on these documents, apparently placed there by the photocopier. The number leads them back to the zoo. Meanwhile the other bullet is traced back to a Magnum used in a prior robbery where the suspect was released due to lack of evidence. Nick and Warrick visit the suspect and he admits killing the bear, but says the hunter was already dead. Further investigation leads the team to conclusion that the bear was used in an illegal canned hunt whereby a drugged big game animal is released into the wild so that a wealthy hunter can kill it. In this instance, the Magnum owner and the Park keeper had arranged the hunt. The first shot by the hunter only stunned the bear which then killed the hunter when he approached. The 2 suspects fled the scene.
Grissom's team look into the disappearance and subsequent death of a young mother, Laurie. The team are told the victims husband, Mark liked to fool around. They are also told by the victims friend that a guy in club(played by actor Forbes March)kept trying to pick Laurie up, but she turned him down. Later on the friend admits to having an affair with Mark. She explains he can be violent and suggests the team investigate him. Powder found on Laurie and the length of time her tire would have taken to go flat lead the team to conclude she came home before she was murdered. Investigation into fibers on her clothes suggest she was in a car. This leads back to the stepmother. After examining the car and interrogating both the mother and the guy from the club, who's seminal fluid was found in the car, Sara and Sofia conclude that the mother killed Laurie for the stipend Laurie's sons trust fund paid and paid got the club guy to help her.
Sofia discusses her role in the Lab with Grissom. She explains her demotion from acting to supervisor was uncalled for and that she is reminded of that. It appears she wishes to transfer away from the lab. Grissom invites her out for dinner. Earlier Sara sees Grissom and Sofia talking and looks uncomfortable at this when she has to interrupt them. Greg tries to get Sara to talk to him about the earlier incident with Ecklie.

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